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Petrich - 9 February 06:41

If you can't operate a machine, you shouldn't operate your wiener it's indirect, but it certainly implies the myth that rape is a manlike thing. Women tin coerce men into gender. Sure it's rarer, but rarer doesn't intend non-existent. The firstofall stair toward beingness able to verbalize about this as equals is to carefor us similar equals withdraw gender from the give-and-take, unless it's a scientifically relevant statistic. It's okay to say that men are usually the rapist, but it's wrong to leaveofabsence women out too.

Wenzinger - 7 November 09:15

What is her name? What other vids does she hold ???? Links delight

Arthur - 6 March 11:53

Real nice!

Lorette - 15 July 19:57

I want u acquire off. Anytime

Brandon - 19 April 06:35

Firstofall of all, your penis is hairy as fuck, non shaved. 2d, that is nowhere close inches long, it's inalllikelihood closer to . Aswellas tertiary, your diva has saggy tits.

Nobuko - 20 January 20:16

That's Tania Juchymenko from Mississauga

Thelin - 9 December 06:20

16 terms were novel to me :D

Palmer - 3 July 06:23

tell me from which urbancenter you are ,i want to do relation ship with you